Death Sentence

by Stronghold

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released March 1, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By Ciaran Parnell.



all rights reserved


Stronghold Dublin, Ireland

Heavy hardcore from the streets of dirty Dublin city.

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Track Name: 1899
I've said it a thousand times, i took their fucking lives, i see through eyes that are blind because i seen it happen in 1899.
Track Name: Guilt
all these walls are caving in on me,
eyes full of dust, i cant see.
spiders in my throat, i cant breath
i cant feel, any good from this.

I put my head to my hands,
i reflect on what I've been all my life.
I've been so blind all of my life,I've been so blind all of my fucking time.
Track Name: Wicked Minds
waking the demons that lay idle inside of me,
unleashing evil on my tortured soul
these fucking demons live inside of us all, and only posses the key to their cage
running rampage on the depths of your mind
breaking the walls driving you insane
how much longer can i keep them in
my mind is wicked with the marks of their claws

theyre out theyre out, i set them free
the fucking demons that live inside of me
for year i suffered i put up with this shit,
but now theyre gone, im really sick of it

i am sick, of all your shit

'ive lived 'ive lived i learned from my mistakes,
but when i set them free i cannot pull the breaks
this darker side of me it will never die
because these feed off human life

all that i see through these eyes is red and blackened souls who to me are dead
no matter what you do try hide afar because these fucking demons will tear you apart

tear you apart
oh yeah
tear you apart
Track Name: Demons Rest
i feel myself, falling apart,
for this demon confronts me
grabs me by the throat, and leaves me for dead
fir this motherfucker is, just in my head.

im no longer in control
my actions aren't mine
this being takes control of me
i cannot save myself

padded walls is where i belong,
forever in a fucking cell
to keep me safe from him, this is hell
my mind is a mess from what ive put up with.
this motherfuckers made just another broken man

and i know should be dead,
but this mother fucker is
just in my head.
Track Name: Crows
How can you live this life with all this fucking guilt,
upon this hill of wrong your house is built
beside you home the songs sing songs of shame,
confined to this place you have yourself to blame

your life is nothing but a bottomless pit,
forever falling and left for shit
you cant revive yourself if you please
its your self callousness that brought you to your knees

the game is over youve been put to shame,
life as you know it will never be the same
i spent my life, being your slave
but now its over, i spit on your grave.

you seek comfort in the heart of your victims
unknowing to their fate
you're ruining innocent souls
corruption is your path of life
Track Name: Sleep Deprivation
feeling the weight of the world, press down on me
1000 crimes of life, cant be set free
eyes now pulled wide,i cant sleep
only have myself to blame i am so week

my life is falling apart,
my death sentence is near
my life is falling apart.

I can only see, what i failed to see before,
sympathy for me, given no more

rats picked away, the good that's left in me
eyes sunk from my head i can see
the life is sucked, out of me
i cant control this fucking disease
Track Name: Early Grave
Since that day, my life's a struggle
im in a never ending hole
axe dripping with innocent blood
that drowns my fucking soul
now i know the end is near
i don't deserve a last request
for these crimes, scarred i am
where was this conscience way back then

i feel this weight upon me
like a ton of fucking bricks
and the crows they warned me once
that i will never forget

i take my seat on my throne,
i wear this crown of thorns,
i get the stench of death
i feel his fucking breath.

Ive payed my fucking penance
now i pay my death sentence.