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released June 27, 2013

Recorded in May 2013 by James Eager.



all rights reserved


Stronghold Dublin, Ireland

Heavy hardcore from the streets of dirty Dublin city.

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Track Name: Death Of Common Existence
I see beyond this life,
Common existence no longer alive.
Classes rule our population,
The poor lose in this situation.
Never again will i see the day,
The darkness goes, fucking blown away
The winds of change, no longer blow,
Now consequences are truly shown.

I see the world through infected eyes,
I see the hate and eroded lives.
I see the world full of those in need,
But its corrupted by fucking greed.

The darkness grows fucking swallows you up.
Leaves us to suffer, to pick ourselves up.
This fucking hold is a cold dark place.
Attempts to salvage have all gone waste.

I see the world through infected eyes,
I see the hate and eroded lives.
I see the world full of those in need,
But its corrupted by fucking greed.

but if we try to pick ourselves up, from this fucking pit.
im sick of just sitting around, and taking this fucking shit.
if we act now, we may see a change.
in this fucking system that releases all my rage.
Track Name: Harder The Fall
You knock me down, but i just stand back up.
None of your bullshit, can stop me from this.
Some people say, you cant take the state,
But i say different this is your life to make

They ruined out futures for us, we take control of the state.

Dont ever back down, just because they're tall.
The taller they are, the harder the fucking fall.
Your fucking country, torn apart piece by piece.
Wanna show, that they know, our anger is released.

They ruined our futures for us, we take control of the state.

If we dont act know, we will never see,
a brighter future, in the land of the free.
Politicians are just fucking clowns,
but the circus is gone, we'll take you down.
Track Name: Locked Shut
You'll never feel, the freedom of honesty.
Lying through your teeth,
For the fun of it.
All this slander, your only reason.
No chance of honest life.
No chance of being set free.

But I see through the mask you wear.
I see through it, with violent stare.
All these lies, your only reason.
You'll be shot down, by your fucking treason.

You got yourself in this situation.
By being untrue, to the ones your closest to.
For a good life, you stick to the game.
The way you act drives me insane.

I said it a thousand times,
I see through your fucking lies.
Make lives, a living hell.
You're condemned to the darkest cell.

I said it a thousand times,
I hear all the fucking cries.
Of loved ones that you have hurt,
Make sure your cell is locked shut.
Track Name: Brainwashed
There is no truth in this world you created.
Piercing wounds, with knife full of lies.
These bloody abrasions sting those who believe,
In burning up, forever in death.

Forever force fed by the one you call your father,
into believing theres life after death.
eternal torture for the wrong that youve done.
Its fucking slander, i die with one last breath.

The ones you look up are just fucking scum.
is there no consequence for wrong that theyve done?
Your fucking church is a corrupt monstrosity
but it doesnt matter since they brainwashed us from birth.

All this corruption and crime goes ignored.
if they pay the bills, a blind eyes is turned.
no matter what we do, we cant stop theyre wrong,
Because you follow he who sits on the throne.